We craft uncommon travel

One-of-a-kind journeys that help you explore like never before.

Meet Kevin, your uncommon travel advisor

Let him craft you experiences that will become your best stories.

Kevin has combined his decades of creative experience with his lifelong passion for travel by launching Outré, an uncommon travel company. Having traveled to over 400 destinations, covering 35 countries so far, he’s dedicated to making your next journey extraordinary.

Travel that’s enriching, authentic, and unforgettable

Creative travel plans tailored to you

  • Enriching and memorable itineraries
  • Personalized for your tastes and budget

VIP treatment and local insider tips

  • Impeccable service from start to finish
  • The best local guides and experts

Upgraded stays at no extra cost

  • Hotel bookings with exclusive perks
  • Curated and vetted vacation rentals

How we’ll work together

Step 1


Every trip begins with an introductory session where we’ll discuss your travel preferences and any ideas you might have brewing.

Step 2

Itinerary Workshop

Once we’re ready to dive into planning, we’ll use collaborative digital tools to explore possibilities, evaluate pricing, and finalize bookings.

Step 3

Bon Voyage!

Before you get packed, we’ll deliver the final itinerary, including all relevant booking details, using a robust and reliable app.

  • VIP Status
  • Room Upgrades
  • Free Breakfast
  • Hotel Credits
  • Extended Stays

Those are just some of the perks we get through our vast, yet curated, network of highly rated travel partners.

As an affiliate of Fora Travel, we design personalized travel that gets you more value than planning and booking on your own. Through Fora’s vast network of vetted partners, your trip can come with VIP status at hotels, free room upgrades and meals, late checkout, among other amazing perks.


Which destinations do we cover?

Having traveled to over 400 destinations across 35 countries, we have a wide range of amazing travel experiences to share with you. But simply put, we can plan a trip to almost anywhere in the world. That’s because we’re part of a large community of travel experts that have insider knowledge from every corner of the globe. Check out the inspiration below to see our personal reviews of the places we love most.

Do we charge planning fees?

Every trip is unique, so whether we charge a fee really depends on how we’re designing your travel. We earn commission from the travel we book, so we only charge a fee if we’re not able to generate enough commission from your bookings to compensate us fairly. As a rule of thumb, trip budgets of less than $300/day will likely require a planning fee. Fees start at $25 per planned day, and increase depending on the trip’s complexity. We’ll always be up front when a planning fee will be involved.

Can we handle larger groups and special events?

The more the merrier! Whether it’s a large family vacation, team trip, corporate retreat, or wedding, we’d be happy to help you navigate the complexity of group bookings.

Can we book vacation rentals, not just hotels?

Certainly! Most VRBO properties are commissionable and we have access to even more unique and curated offerings through our preferred partners. The only caveat is that Airbnbs are not commissionable, so booking those will involve a planning fee.

Can we book flights?

We generally don’t book flights as they’re not commissionable, but we can make exceptions for certain trips where flight planning is key to the logistics. In those cases, it would be covered by a per-day planning fee (starting at $75).

Can we book cruises?

We love cruises as they’re a great way to experience multiple destinations — especially more remote ones — with minimal hassle and maximum comfort. We can always add off-the-beaten-path excursions and unique pre- or post-cruise portions to make your trip more bespoke. Hate crowds? Try an intimate boutique cruise. Worried about seasickness? Try a tranquil river cruise! From exotic ports, to iconic cities, to thrilling expeditions, we believe wholeheartedly that there’s a cruise for every type of traveler.

Can we book cars?

We can book cars at preferred rates for a wide range of budgets, from conventional car rentals to chauffered transport options.

Can we book trains?

We definitely encourage booking train travel when possible (it’s better for the planet). Certain train journeys can offer some of the world’s most spectacular views, luxurious service, and unforgettable travel experiences. Trains aren’t just a way to connect your trip, they can be an experience in and of itself.

Do we offer travel insurance?

We strongly encourage the purchase of insurance for every trip, since travel involves so many variables. Your credit card may cover your trip, but we can help you find coverage for any gaps or exceptions.

Can we advise on how to redeem loyalty points?

Loyalty points are a great way to access otherwise unaffordable travel experiences. Our general advice is to book hotels with us and flights with points. We’re happy to provide high level guidance on how to optimize your redemption, but we may refer you to more in-depth resources if you need more of a deep dive into the mechanics of loyalty programs.

Already booked a trip? We’ll get you upgraded at no extra cost.

Even if you’ve already booked a hotel (or cruise) somewhere, we can likely still add perks for you. As long as you booked directly through the brand’s website, we can work with you to check which perks can be added to your reservation.